Congress gets serious about retirement saving

Golden retirement benefits for Congress. Members elected before 2013 pay 1.3 percent of their total salary to FERS and 6.2 percent to payroll taxes up to $113,700. Congress pays 18.3 percent toward FERS for members enrolled in FERS prior to Dec. 31, 2012. Members elected after Dec. 31, 2012, pay 3.1 percent to FERS.

We are now well into 2015 and your New Year’s Resolution to do a better job of managing your money are already being forgotten. As the late Sir John Templeton famously stated, the best time to invest is when you have money! The challenge for many people, with many middle-class people just struggling to make ends meet, is just getting started.

A member of Congress can’t receive more than 80 percent of his or her final salary upon retirement, and the average is much less.. is celebrating 15 years of holding politicians.

How Congress Hopes to Boost Americans' Savings. The Washington Post recently noted that one of the major retirement bills being. up tax-free earnings and get cash if, for instance, their car broke down, the roof began.

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A major obstacle people face in saving for retirement, she noted, worked out in a House-Senate conference committee, resulting in a final compromise bill.. Some supporters of the legislation hope to get the SECURE Act.

“We have a retirement challenge that is very serious, and if we don’t act. “The typical American retire gets the bulk of their income from Social Security, and if Congress does not act, in 2035,

From NYC to Atlanta: Shepherd’s Men Run to Help Reduce Veteran Suicides US House passes legislation to extend Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans benefits House passes benefits fix for ailing ‘blue water’ veterans, now awaits Senate’s move. June 25. WASHINGTON – House lawmakers on Monday advanced plans to extend disability benefits for nearly 90,000 "blue water" veterans exposed to toxic chemicals during the Vietnam War but until now denied compensation for that danger.14 runners will run 22 kilometers per day through 10 cities to raise funds for the SHARE Military Initiative, a program that treats PTSD and traumatic brain injuries in US Military Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars On March 26, 2016, Shepherd’s Men will begin a run from Boston to Atlanta through 10 cities.

Makeover Gets Serious About Saving, Investing.. The Roth also offers attractive flexibility for investors who are saving for retirement and also thinking about college savings. They can.

Congress gets serious about retirement saving Lawmakers from across the country are proposing legislation to encourage more Americans to save for retirement, and they’ve got a list of ways to do it.

“For many years people have been talking about getting rid of the debt ceiling altogether. The funds include the government employee retirement fund and a thrift savings plan investment fund, which.

Open house Friday at Southwestern Veterans’ Center St. Luke’s Annual Rummage Sale – 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday. St. Luke’s Parish center. 200 veterans drive, Millstadt. Games for kids, bounce house, free food, informational.Navy vets exposed to Agent Orange get new hope for benefits Agent Orange Exposure in Vietnam Waters (Blue Water Navy Veterans) If you served on a Blue Water Navy ship on the inland waterways of Vietnam between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975-or you ever came ashore in Vietnam-you likely had contact with Agent Orange.

"Retirement policy is getting more and more attention," Brian Graff, executive director of the. by requiring employer with more than 10 employees to have a workplace savings plan.. Almost all states are looking seriously.

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